The Vandenberg is Here!


The USNS General Hoyt S.Vandenberg arrived in Key West the morning of April 22, 2009 in preparation for her sinking on May 27.  She rests on the sand bottom in 140-150 feet of water, with her superstructure rising to within 40 feet of the surface.  The entire ship is accessible to divers, depending on individual experience and skill level. 


Our prices for diving the Vandenberg (either two dives on the wreck or, depending on conditions, one dive on the wreck, followed by a reef dive) are:


-- $75.00 per person, excluding equipment (weights, belt, mask, fins and tanks are included)

-- $90.00 per person for customers needing to rent equipment (regulator and/or BCD)

Please see our tips on safely diving the Vandenberg.

Here are some of Rob's photos of the Vandenberg.  Click on a thumbnail for a larger image.

















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